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Our Security Services

Different situations require different types of security services, which is why One Step employs a versatile team capable of adapting to any and all situations. From traditional security guards to private functions, and everything in between, our security experts know how to assess, take charge, and guarantee safety and order at all times. Let One Step Security ease your mind by allowing us to take care of your security needs, while you focus on the most important parts of your day.

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Security Guard

At One Step Security, we acknowledge that a safe environment promotes the feeling of well-being amongst all visitors. In order to protect the property, business and all individuals present, our security guards mitigate a broad range of risks and quickly respond to any issues. General security guards work on-site in several areas such as retail, commercial, industrial, institutional, schools, and residential properties.

High-rise Buildings

Concierge Services

One Step’s concierge services provide a safe and welcoming environment for all residents and guests. Our concierge guards are highly trained in both safety and customer service to tend to all needs of the building and residents. We value first impressions and ensure our guards reflect this in their work.

Construction Manager


One Step Security acknowledges the high liability of construction sites. With guards trained in protecting construction sites, we mitigate the risk of trespassers, stolen materials, equipment and vandalized property with on-site, 24/7 patrol.

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Private Event Security 

To promote peace of mind and enjoyment of all special events like weddings, graduations, corporate events, fundraisers and any other large gatherings, One Step Security provides well-dressed, professional and customer-service trained guards. Our private event guards are specifically specialized in crowd control, maintaining event guest lists, and responding to potential emergency situations to ensure all events run smoothly.


Traffic Control

To ensure safety and efficiency on roadways, One Step Security provides security guards specialized in traffic control signalling. All traffic control guards are also equipped with necessary PPE, signage and training to operate traffic on roads reduced to one lane, and where accident recovery or other tasks are occurring. Traffic control guards work to protect all pedestrians, drivers and workers present in these areas.

We Believe in Safety for Everyone


About Us

One Step Security has proudly served and protected all locations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We offer innovative, convenient services that provide peace of mind while simultaneously protecting properties, businesses, belongings and loved ones. Our company is carefully crafted to involve core values of integrity, teamwork, performance and passion, which establish our framework that continuously displays a commitment to high quality service. These values also serve as guiding principles for daily routines as exemplified by all employees. Our workforce consists of experienced guards equipped with strong security management and customer service skills to provide the best experience of safety for all clients.

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“I hired One Step Security for a private event and they were professional, knowledgeable and went beyond what I had expected. I will definitely hire them again for my next event .”

Ian Hardy

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One Step Security

33-10504 Islington Avenue

Klienburg, ON

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