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About Us

One Step Security has proudly served and protected all locations in the GTA area. We offer innovative, convenient services that provide peace of mind while simultaneously protecting properties, businesses, belongings and loved ones. At One Step Security, the opinions and considerations of each client or business is highly valued, which allows for personalized security services catered to the specific needs of the client. We truly take pride in satisfying our clients and providing meaningful service that promotes the feeling of safety and well-being. Particularly, we have made significant investments in technology to ensure both our internal and external processes deliver outstanding customer service and real time information. Our company is carefully crafted to involve core values of integrity, teamwork, performance and passion, which establish our framework that continuously displays a commitment to high quality service. These values also serve as guiding principles for daily routines as exemplified by all employees. Our workforce consists of experienced guards equipped with strong security management and customer service skills to provide the best experience of safety for all clients.

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