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To prevent theft and protect employees and visitors, our security guards offer vigilant observation of the retail space, respond to and resolve issues to maintain positive retail experiences.

Key duties and responsibilities for our industrial security guards are to provide protection for people and property by conducting patrols with team members. We ensure the security and well-being of all personnel and visitors on the premises

Our security guards protect commercial properties and offices by mitigating and responding quickly to any security breach, vandalism, fires and theft. Our commercial security guards particularly specialize in access control and protection of all areas on the premises.

Our residential security guards ensure the protection of residential properties and areas. Through mobile, on-site security, our residential security guards can protect a specific area, or home while individuals are absent. We work closely with individuals to build a residential security package that tends to the specific needs of the property, and of the individual



At One Step Security, we acknowledge that a safe environment promotes the feeling of well-being amongst all visitors. In order to protect the property, business and all individuals present, our security guards mitigate a broad range of risks and quickly respond to any issues. General security guards work on-site in several areas such as retail, commercial, industrial and residential properties.

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